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5 Tips When You Have an Issue With an Appraiser

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5 Tips When You Have an Issue With An Appraiser

Best Practices for Working With Appraisers

We’ve put together some suggested best practices that may be helping when working with appraisers:


  • Have written policies and procedures.
  • Document USPAP violations, unprofessional conduct, unethical conduct, and contractual breaches.


  • Provide appraisers with written notice of their removal from an approved panel or inclusion on an exclusion or probation list.
  • In the notice, specify the reason they are being removed or added, as applicable.


  • Engage the appraiser in addressing any disputes or concerns over his or her removal.
  • Give the appraiser the chance to dispute any alleged violations.


  • Remember that if you remove an appraiser from an approved list in connection with a material violation, you probably have an obligation to report the violation to the state appraisal board.

Be Quiet

  • Other than reporting to the appraisal board where required, think twice before you publicly broadcast alleged appraiser performance issues, especially before they are documented and substantiated.