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Tried, True and Tested Experience

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Best AMC

The real estate appraisal market is an 8 billion dollar industry and has an average of 0.6% growth each year from 2011 to 2016. With over 71.5 thousand employed in this industry, it is extremely important to select the right appraiser but can often be difficult to find an AMC you can trust. There are hundreds of businesses in this sector, so why are banks, lenders and credit unions still having a tough time choosing the best AMC for their institution?

It seems like every day there is another story providing one more reason why keeping your appraisal process in-house could be the safest choice. Until now.

Tried: Experience you can count on

As Albert Einstein famously said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” At MountainSeed, we tend to take that quote to heart. To us experience is invaluable, and ours is something we are incredibly proud of. In fact, on average, our staff appraisers have over twenty-five years of experience. Twenty-five years of learning compliance and regulations to ensure you have quality appraisals and reviews. Twenty-five years of working with banking and financial institutions just like yours. Twenty-five years of superior customer support. Do you remember where you were in 1991? Our appraisers were busy gaining experience and have been ever since. In fact, over 60% of our staff also hold the MAI designation from the appraisal institute.

True: Dedicated, driven, and dependable

Our dedication to core skills & values is another factor that makes MountainSeed stand out among the rest. Appraisers are particularly valuable because they are an objective and unbiased source of real estate information. With this in mind, MountainSeed seeks passionate, intelligent, driven, focused and accountable people to join our team. In an industry where you are paid to share your opinion, it’s especially important that our appraisal review staff (who, are also paid to share opinions) treat other appraisers with the respect they deserve throughout the review process. As you can imagine, this process can often become, well… quite opinionated. However, we have reviewed tens of thousands of appraisals to date and this success is largely driven by our experienced reviewers partnering with appraisers as true peers. Opinions are shared, respected and valued so that the ultimate goal of a quality review is achieved each and every time.

Tested: Consistent quality

What quality of customer service will you receive with MountainSeed? Quite simply: the best there is. We are proud to offer a different approach than nearly every other appraisal management company in the country. We serve over 300 community and regional banks and credit unions in their appraisal management and review process each day. With this kind of volume, we have truly been tested by our clients and their auditors. We’ve withstood thousands of regulatory exams from every regulatory body and have never had an issue to rectify.

In addition, with our online platform to streamline your appraisal process, our team handles everything from ordering and reviewing to ensuring you have compliant reports each and every time. Order an appraisal or review, check on order status and access historical orders in just one click. Tried, true, and tested experience. Make the right choice with MountainSeed.

Ready to add 25 years of experience to your team? Let’s talk.