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Webinar: U.S. Lodging Industry Forecast: What to expect for 2017 [Recording Below]

By February 14, 2017 January 21st, 2020 No Comments
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The hotel industry was one of the first sectors to bounce back from the ‘08 crisis. As a leader in the CRE world, it’s important to know where the hotel and lodging sector is headed as we dive further into 2017. With the new Trump administration and competition continuously growing, many bankers do not know what to expect, so we’re bringing in the experts of CBRE Hotels to share their thoughts on what’s ahead.

In our webinar, CBRE Hotel’s Mark Woodworth and Scott Smith will be guiding you through the current state of the hotel economy and providing a roadmap for the future.  Moderated by MountainSeed’s co-founder and CEO, Carl Streck, Mark and Scott will be able to answer your burning questions on the hotel marketplace.  We all know the competitors of the hotel market have been ramping up for years. With Airbnb, HomeAway, Roomorama and more, it makes it even harder to predict the trends we will see moving into Q2. Plan ahead and predict like a pro with these insights.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the Trump economy will impact the hotel sector
  • The implications of the new administration on lodging demand and growth
  • What does the growth of Airbnb mean to the health of traditional hotels?
  • What can we expect in 2017 to happen in the hotel sector?




Meet your presenters:

Mark Woodworth, CBRE HotelsMark Woodworth

Mark is Senior Managing Director of CBRE Hotels and America’s Research 
based in Atlanta. With over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Mark has been quoted on hospitality issues in the following publications: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Barron’s, USA Today, The Financial Times and numerous industry publications. He’s also an avid speaker at many industry conferences, a frequent lecturer at Cornell University, as well as a member of the Hotel Development Council of the Urban Land Institute.  He also completed a three-year term on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University.  Before joining CBRE, Mark was a partner and industry chairman of the Hospitality Industry Consulting practice for Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P.

Scott Smith, CBRE HotelsScott Smith

Scott is the Managing Director of PKF Consulting USA, a branch of CBRE in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 20 years of hospitality industry experience in both appraising and consulting on a variety of properties as well as other types of real estate. Scott has managed and conducted appraisal and consulting assignments, involving both the public and private sectors, throughout the U.S and Caribbean. After working on a variety of different properties, Scott has been called in to speak on hotel trends and top predictions in the industry. He’s also a member of the Appraisal Institute (“MAI”) and a chief appraiser in the Southeast. As principal author of the Hospitality Investment Survey, which is an annual publication produced by PKF Consulting USA in conjunction with The Hospitality Research Group that reports on important real estate investment trends, he has a good idea of what’s in store for the hospitality sector’s future.


With these hotel industry experts leading this webinar, you’ll get the top predictions to stay ahead this year.  Learn from the best in the banking biz and watch the webinar now.

Watch the Webinar