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Order a Residential Evaluation Completed by the Appraisal Pros at MountainSeed

By April 20, 2017 January 21st, 2020 No Comments
residential evaluation

Are you frequently completing residential evaluations for eager homeowners? It’s key to produce quality work within a short turn time to get the deal closed even faster. Recently we released our commercial evaluations services to bring you even faster, consistent, and reliable CRE evals completed by the appraisal pros. Today we are thrilled to announce we are also offering residential evaluations so you can get all your evaluation and appraisal needs with one trusted ally.

What makes our residential evaluations different from others?

You might be surprised to find most evaluations are not completed by appraisers. Both of our residential and commercial evaluations are inspected and analyzed by appraiser professionals who know this business inside and out.

At MountainSeed, we believe the best and most appropriate people to do an evaluation are real estate appraisers. Sometimes there are limitations for appraisers to complete an evaluation, but we’ve partnered up to provide you with residential evaluations as compliant as a USPAP appraisal (and the price is as competitive as a drive-by appraisal — it can’t be beat!)

What’s the turn time and cost for these speedy residential evaluations?

Appraisal Benchmark ReportOur residential evaluations are completed for a flat fee and a short turn time of roughly 3-5 days depending on the market. You can see where turn times take a little longer from our free benchmark report. Want to see examples of our work? No problem. Just send us a quick note and we’ll send you a few samples so you can make the best choice for your financial institution.

When is a residential evaluation needed instead of a residential appraisal?

Evaluation guidelines are typically put in place by a mix of regulations and your internal bank’s policies. Most of the time evaluations are needed for loans under $250,000. We see them widely used on home equity lines of credit (HELOC) too. If you’re ever questioning whether an evaluation or appraisal is needed, we’d be happy to help and let you know which is the best fit for the property.

Who will complete the residential evaluation?

Rest easy knowing all residential evaluations will be completed by certified residential appraisers.

Residential Evaluation Highlights:

  • Place an order for a residential evaluation for a flat fee and short 3-5 day turn time*
  • All residential evaluations are completed by certified residential appraisers
  • USPAP compliant evaluations with every order

*Turn times are based on your market conditions and may vary slightly

Still have questions on our new residential evaluations? Schedule a time to chat with our team, place your first order, and get answers to all of your questions.