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Webinar: The Essentials of a Commercial Evaluation [Recording Below]

By May 11, 2017 January 21st, 2020 No Comments
commercial evaluation

Do you know when your bank needs a commercial evaluation completed vs. an appraisal? Most bank’s have internal policies that dictate when you should use an evaluation over an appraisal and vise versa. We frequently work with banks and advise when to use an evaluation or an appraisal, and offer commercial evaluations with the CRE pros at Cushman Wakefield. Since we’ve heard some confusion on this topic, we decided to bring in the expert, Paul Ping, Managing Director at Cushman Wakefield who will share top commercial evaluation tips and tricks with you.

Watch our complimentary webinar below featuring CRE expert, Paul Ping. He’ll share the ins and outs of when and how commercial evaluations should be utilized at your financial institution.


What you’ll learn:

  • When it’s best to complete a commercial evaluation vs. an appraisal
  • Best practices for commercial evaluations
  • The regulatory basis for the evaluation
  • Why banks need and should have an established program for using commercial evaluations


Meet Your Speaker:Paul Ping, CRE evaluation pro

Paul Ping

Mr. Ping has been actively involved in the real estate valuation profession since 1983. His extensive experience in real estate ranges from the valuation of single assets to entire bank portfolios.

In 2012, he joined Cushman & Wakefield and is currently serving as Managing Director of the Appraisal Management Group of Valuation & Advisory for Cushman & Wakefield Global Services, Inc. In this role he is responsible for new business generation, supplying platforms, processes, and procedures, and quality control for the reviews for various appraisals.

In the prior 17 years he served as Chief Appraiser at PNC Bank and Huntington Bank.  Mr. Ping has extensive knowledge of the regulatory environment associated with valuation issues.  He continues to enjoy a very integrated relationship with the regulatory agencies.

With this appraisal pro shedding light on the top tips for any commercial evaluation, you’re sure to learn a few takeaways to help streamline your bank’s processes. Watch the webinar now and learn from the banking business pro.