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Are You Benchmarking Your Bank to See How You Stack Up Against Your Competitors? [FREE REPORT]

By May 31, 2017 June 21st, 2019 No Comments
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When you don’t know how you compare to the industry averages, there’s no way to know how you are actually performing. We’ve heard from many in our industry that comparative data on residential appraisals are easy-peasy to find, but when it come to commercial real estate appraised values and fees, it’s another story. That’s why we have compiled quarterly reports so you can see how your bank stacks up against your key competitors.

Get the insights you need to launch your banking business to the next level. We’ve made it our commitment to you, to bring you industry metrics to empower your team and streamline your processes. Now you’ll have real-time data to know if your appraisal turn times and fees are competitive with the industry averages.

When “benchmarking is critical to business processes,” as our CEO, Carl Streck, often says, it gives you a clear foundation to improve operations, customer service, and your position in our financial marketplace.

Get clarity on the following points in our Q1 2017 benchmark report:

  • Turn times and fees by state for commercial appraisals
  • Commercial appraisal fees by appraised values
  • CRE turn times and fees for various property types and values
  • Appraisal value increases quarter over quarter
  • Four-year trend analysis of turn times, fees, and appraised values

We won’t make you wait any longer to see how you compare across each state, region, and the whole country. Download your free report now to answer age-old appraisal questions.

Get the facts and figures to be prepared for your next commercial appraisal