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Appraisals & Flood Insurance | A Continued Challenge for Financial Institutions [Webinar Recording]

By December 14, 2017 January 21st, 2020 No Comments
flood insurance

Have you ever found your financial institution falling short on flood insurance coverage? With our latest webinar, you’ll hear from the experts on how to calculate and factor your appraisal figures into the flood insurance calculation process.


Tune in below to hear from Sterling Compliance’s Managing Partner, Angela Lucas. Previously an examiner, Angela understands the three statutes you never want to violate and will provide you with the resources you need to stay compliant.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Accurately calculate how much flood insurance coverage you need
  • Improve communications between financial institutions and appraisers to find the ideal insurable value for a structure’s flood insurance
  • Factor appraisal figures into the flood insurance calculation process
  • Pinpoint the top three statutes you never want to violate
  • Calculate flood insurance for multiple structures or condos


Meet Your Speaker:

Angela LucasAngela Lucas

Managing Partner, Sterling Compliance, LLC

Angela Lucas is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Sterling Compliance, LLC, an independent compliance and risk management consulting firm based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Prior to launching Sterling Compliance, Angela was an examiner with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, specializing in consumer compliance and commercial credit. Several years and examinations later, Angela expanded her skill set within the Investment Advisory Monitoring and Testing Group at Federated Investors, Inc., focusing on compliance testing and advisory services as a critical link between trading floor portfolio managers and the compliance function.


With a strong knowledge of regulatory compliance, risk management, and investment advisory services, Angela has established her reputation as a leading resource with the community bank consulting industry. After several years of dedicated, client-oriented consulting service, Angela partnered with a long-time colleague to form Sterling to further the vision they shared for bringing a balanced perspective to their clients for practical approaches to regulatory compliance with battle-tested, effective results.


End the days of miscalculating flood insurance at your financial institution, and listen to these top pointers today. With Angela’s help, you’ll be able to make this step in your process more effective and efficient. Let us know if you want your own copy of these flood insurance worksheets by reaching out today.