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Industry Best Practices for Environmental Due Diligence [Webinar Recording]

By April 12, 2018 August 2nd, 2019 No Comments
Environmental Due Diligence

Ever wonder if you’ve created the most effective environmental policy for your financial institution? Furthermore, how do you execute that policy to ensure you’re not taking on too much risk?

Great questions! That’s why we’ve called in the experts to show you how to create a sustainable policy and procedures you can put into practice to make sure you’re doing your due diligence when it comes to environmental assessments. We’ll review the levels of due diligence and the best practices to utilize, to keep you compliant.

Watch our webinar below with environmental due diligence expert, Derek Ezovski of ORMS, who will share his best, practical tips for creating a better environmental policy at your financial institution.

Watch our Environmental Webinar to Learn:

  • How to create an effective environmental policy
  • … and execute it at your financial institution
  • Best practices for environmental due diligence
  • Defining the various levels of due diligence you need to know
  • Tips to make your SBA due diligence process easier than ever before


Meet your speaker:

Derek EzovskiDerek Ezovski

As President of Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS), Derek helps financial and real estate firms manage their environmental risks. He aids in evaluating, developing, implementing, and monitoring their environmental due diligence policies and procedures to manage risk in a cost-effective manner.

Before founding ORMS, Derek served as managing director of Environmental Data Resources (EDR), and management positions at Marsh USA, FleetBoston, and Travelers. At these various companies, he has been a risk management professional, managed their policies, and helped resolve complex environmental cases and remediation projects.

Derek has played an instrumental role in helping develop desktop environmental products to simplify the due diligence process throughout the country and has authored several articles on this topic. He’s also used his expertise in the small business arena to make the due diligence process for SBA loans more seamless than ever before.

With this environmental master as your guide, you’ll get the best tips and practices to help you manage risk at your financial institution. Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best in the business, watch the full webinar now: