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Ready To Hire an AMC? Get the Facts You Need to Make the Best Choice

By September 13, 2018 July 31st, 2019 No Comments
Hiring an AMC

There are three scenarios when a financial institution is ready to hire an AMC: The team is energized at the prospect of handing off some of the internal appraisal management, nervous about the idea of opening the doors to a new entity, or the team is experiencing a little bit of both.

We get it — all three of those scenarios are perfectly normal when you’re looking to outsource an internal process. But when done correctly, hiring an appraisal management company can be one of the best decisions your financial institution can make to increase revenue and efficiency, as well as free up the time of your employees.

But before your bank or credit union hires an AMC, your institution needs to ask a few key questions, including:

  • What appraisal management services does our company need?
  • What sort of questions should I ask a potential AMC vendor?
  • Are there any relevant updates I need to be aware of before getting started?

To help your organization answer each of these questions, we’ve compiled a full-access guide to selecting an AMC to ensure that your financial institution is making the right choice for your bank or credit union. After all, the decision to offload some, or all, of your appraisals, reviews, and evaluations is a big one, and we want to provide any guidance that you may need along the way.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Your institution is unique and so are your needs. With our list of available services, we’ll help you narrow down what you need to look for in an AMC partner.
  • From turn times to seasonal engagement, getting the right AMC for your business comes down to knowing what questions to ask. With more than 12 scenarios to consider, we’ll guide you through the process of figuring out just where your institution stands.
  • Just like the rest of the world, the appraisal review and evaluation process is heading toward automation — which is great for the industry. While the technology is still new, we can help show you how it works, how it helps, and why you should consider onboarding the new appraisal process updates.

We’ve long been one of the top appraisal management firms in the U.S., and we take pride in offering the expert materials that help banks and credit unions make smarter choices in the marketplace. Whether your institution is preparing for the financial future or your bank or credit union is just trying to work smarter, we’ll help you take the required steps to find an AMC solution that’s right for you.


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