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Appraisal Compliance: What You Need To Know [Upcoming Webinar Series]

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Appraisal Compliance

Appraisal compliance — it’s been the buzzword for the last decade. With banks required to manage more and more requirements on the same budgets, with the same teams, it’s never been more crucial for financial institutions to establish a process that works correctly from the get-go.

But before you can establish a foolproof process, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. After all, how can you prepare for something you don’t know the details about? For instance, what is a USPAP? Why is it important for non-appraisers? And how will valuation independence affect you moving forward?

To help you prepare for the inevitable, we’ve created a new webinar series with our very own compliance director, Andy Reisser. With over 15 years of experience as a certified residential appraiser, his experience in managing appraisal compliance is top-notch, and he is uniquely qualified to outline the intricate details of both the USPAP and valuation independence to provide your financial institution with the insights you need to make better decisions for your bank or credit union.

Ready to learn more about appraisal compliance? See what our webinar series covers below:

Valuation Independence Requirements

Watch to Learn:

  • What is Valuation Independence?
  • Appraisers’ Independence Responsibilities
  • AMCs’ Independence Responsibilities
  • Lenders’ Independence Responsibilities


USPAP Basics for Non-Appraisers

Watch to Learn:

  • What is USPAP?
  • Why is USPAP Important for Non-appraisers?
  • Overview of USPAP Contents
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Meet your speaker: Andy Reisser

Compliance Director at MountainSeed

Andy institutes and administers MountainSeed’s compliance program to ensure ongoing conformity with federal and state regulatory requirements. He is active in national AMC regulatory affairs where he has assisted in the development of model AMC legislation and has testified in support of fair appraisal management company legislation based on the minimum federal requirements. Andy is a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser and has been active in the appraisal industry for 15+ years, including as an independent appraiser and as a staff appraiser for a national bank. He has also built and managed nationwide staff appraiser and review departments for appraisal management companies. In his free time, Andy plays five-string banjo in a bluegrass band. He lives in Riverton, NJ.