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From commercial real estate (CRE) loan originations to loan sales and trading, MountainSeed advises our clients on how to navigate debt and lending opportunities. We help you minimize risk and achieve the optimal outcome/solution.

Capital Market Solutions

Our Relationships & Reach

MountainSeed has regularly and successfully advised clients on hundreds of millions in debt and financing opportunities a core focus of delivering value to our clients by leveraging our relationships with over 600 financial institutions across the country.


CRE Loan Originations

We work with commercial real estate developers and investors on the following

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Lending

We help expand your access to different capital sources and attain market-leading terms for your projects.

By connecting you with our exclusive network of lenders – our team works to determine the right type of loan to meet your needs.

For Appraisers
Commercial Mortgage Solutions
We help you access capital to finance or refinance your commercial real estate assets. Our team works with you to find permanent financing solutions to maximize your cash flow on projects.
For CRE Professionals
Acquisition, Development & Construction (AD&C) Loans

We can help accelerate your timeline to getting lots on the ground – ultimately delivering finished projects to the market. (for sale or for rent)

By harnessing our network of traditional and non-traditional capital sources we can help get your projects financed faster.

Loan Sales & Trading

We work with a wide range of financial institutions from credit unions and community banks to regional and national lenders. Whether it be through note sales, participant sourcing, or loan portfolio sales – our team of experts can help you discover creative ways to solve issues that you face.
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Loan Participations

We act as an intermediary to help identify credible partners to buy & sell loan participations on behalf of financial institutions.

Whether you need to buy or sell, we can utilize our network to help you grow your portfolio or lay off exposure.

Distressed Asset Solutions

We enable your financial institution to sell distressed loans in any type of scenario.

By connecting you with strategic partners
and financial buyers, we provide innovative capital structures to assist with distressed asset resolution strategies.

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Portfolio & Whole Loan Trading

We help financial institutions alter or reposition their balance sheets, MountainSeed can help enable quick and seamless transactions.

Whether you are looking to exit a business line or generate more loan volume than you can hold, we regularly work with buyers and sellers to facilitate optimal solutions.

Loan Portfolio & Investment Advisory

Our team helps rebalance loan portfolios and reduce single borrower concentrations after a merger or acquisition.

We also work with you to develop strategies to enhance the yield in your investment portfolios.

Benefits for Our Clients

For Lenders (Banking & Financial Institutions)


Reduce relationship exposure or mitigate concentration limit challenges


Originate loans outside your financial institution’s legal lending limit


Obtain fees and servicing income


Retain and expand borrower relationships


Share credit risk with other financial institutions while maintaining control


Increase loan growth with additional deal flow


Generate interest income


Diversify your loan portfolio

For Borrowers (Real Estate Developers & Homebuilders)


Leverage our relationships – to secure competitive rates and best terms


Ensure the optimal capital structure is obtained –tailored to meet your project’s needs


Access a national network of lenders in different markets


Research and market data to support your project


Provide financing alternatives for land and lot development


Why MountainSeed?

Credible, accurate, secure; We dedicate ourselves to providing total transparency, security, and customer satisfaction.

At MountainSeed, our long-term relationships with community banks and credit unions in every state provide us with a unique network and understanding of the market. Our team has decades of expertise in commercial real estate and lending, and we see over $25B in CRE loan volume annually.

Best of all, MountainSeed will always assure complete transparency. We inform and educate you through the process and prioritize the needs of our clients. We believe in delivering value for every buy-side and sell-side client — a true rarity in the industry.

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From appraisal management to Capital Market Solutions to intelligent data, our team of professionals will assist you through each stage and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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