Capital Market Solutions for
Commercial Real Estate

From loan participations to CRE debt origination, MountainSeed focuses on helping our clients maximize performance while minimizing their risk.

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Capital Market

Over the past decade, MountainSeed has acted as an intermediary on hundreds of millions in debt and CRE-related transactions with a core focus of delivering value to our clients.

What We Offer

Loan Participations

MountainSeed has a nationwide network of 600+ financial institutions that regularly buy and sell participations and whole loans. We’ve built an efficient process that allows financial institutions to find credible partners who can buy loans quickly.

Benefits for a selling financial institution may include:

  • Reduce relationship exposure or mitigate concentration limit challenges
  • Originate loans outside your financial institution’s legal lending limit
  • Obtain fees and servicing income
  • Retain and expand borrower relationships
  • Share credit risk with other financial institutions while maintaining control

Benefits for a buying financial institution may include:

  • Increase loan growth with additional deal flow
  • Generate interest income
  • Diversify your loan portfolio

CRE Debt Origination

MountainSeed attracts and works with credible borrowers who are looking to finance or refinance high quality commercial real estate assets. As CRE borrowers outside of MountainSeed’s current client base inquire around their debt needs, MountainSeed can help facilitate introductions to other financial institutions that have an appetite for loan growth within the associated asset class and geography.


*Due to state laws, we do not currently offer the service in the following states (California, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina)

Whole Loan Trading

As financial institutions alter or reposition their balance sheets, MountainSeed can help enable quick and seamless transactions. MountainSeed leverages its vast client base to provide selling institutions a liquidity source when selling commercial loans.

*We cannot offer service in South Dakota and California 

MountainSeed Capital Market Solutions


Credible, accurate, secure: When it comes to capital market solutions, we go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, full transparency, and security.

At MountainSeed, our long-term relationships with community banks and credit unions throughout every state provide us with a unique understanding of the market. We see $25B in CRE loan volume on an annual basis, and our team possesses decades worth of experience in the commercial real estate and lending arenas. 

Best of all, MountainSeed guarantees full transparency. We typically don’t charge sellers any fees, and we always put the client first. Our leadership believes that we must deliver value for every buy-side and sell-side client — a true rarity in the industry.


Our Recent Transactions

Meet the Capital Markets Team

Brad Watkins

Head of Capital Markets

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