What are appraisal review services and when are they needed?

appraisal review services

Over the years, the appraisal review has become an essential part of the appraisal process. While the review is important for many reasons, it’s paramount because it guarantees an appraisal is complete and sound. What is an appraisal review you might ask? By definition, an appraisal review is used to investigate, analyze, and verify the […]

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Process or Checklist: The Nitty Gritty of an Appraisal Review

appraisal review

While historically banks focused just on the appraisal, in the past decade, the appraisal review has become a more significant part of the appraisal process. At its core, an appraisal review is used to investigate, analyze, and verify the logic and procedures of an appraisal. Not only does a review ensure appraisals are prepared completely […]

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Western States Bank Makes Appraisal Quality a Top Priority

Western States Bank

In June of 2016, Western States Bank was formed through the merger of Valley Bank & Trust and Wyoming State Bank. With the philosophy of “better together,” they are now located across Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado with 14 different branch locations.As the merger was solidified, the team appointed Stephanie Kofron as VP/Credit Administration Officer. We […]

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How effective is your appraisal ordering and review process?

appraisal review process

Famed business management consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” While Drucker is onto something, as most business leaders will tell you, drilling down to efficiency and effectiveness can be easier said than done. However, with careful self-evaluation, you can determine the effectiveness your […]

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Sign #4: Your appraisal process lacks efficiency

appraisal process

In case you’re just tuning in, we’ve been covering the top signs your team is stretched too thin. These signs can go unnoticed for far too long, so we wanted to pinpoint the top areas that might be affecting your team’s efficiency. The first few signs of an overworked team could be due to under-qualified […]

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Sign #3: You have no idea if you’re up to date on the latest banking regulations

Banking Regulations

Are you current on the latest banking regulations? We know it can be a pain to keep track of and a huge headache for your team since it means updating your internal policies and procedures to remain compliant. Are these changes overworking your team and stretching them too thin? Over the past week, we’ve been […]

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Sign #2: Your turn times are sporadic

appraisal report turn times

Starting last week, we kick off our month-long series sharing the top reasons why your appraisal team is stretched too thin (and what you can do about it). In case you missed it, we already highlighted the first sign where they might be falling behind due to inadequate appraiser licenses. This week we’ll discuss how […]

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MountainSeed’s Chief Appraiser Talks Best Practices for Appraisal Reviews

Best Practices on Appraisal Reviews

Merriam-Webster defines “best practices” as procedures that have been shown by research and experience to produce optimal results and are proposed as standard. However, in the commercial appraisal industry research, regulations, and standards are constantly being updated, and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of those best practices. As an appraisal management company, we’re […]

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Smoothing Out a Rocky Relationship with an Appraiser

Smoothing out a rocky relationship with your real estate appraisers

Take a second and try to remember an instance where you experienced a rocky relationship. Maybe it was with a classmate, a teacher, a family member or even a boss. Whatever the situation, as adults we understand that rocky relationships are just a part of life. In fact, you can probably hear your parents saying […]

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