How Accessibility Changed the Appraisal Game for Christina Pocrnich of City National Bank

City National Bank

Christina Pocrnich of City National Bank wears a lot of hats. As the point of contact for all CRE loans for over 25 lenders and 86 branches across 5 states, Christina has many responsibilities. In addition to being a point person, Christina also holds the titles of VP, Appraisal Manager, and Credit Policy Officer. “I […]

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Meet Andy Reisser, Our Compliance Director

Meet our new compliance director

Many hear the term ‘regulations’ and their initial reaction is boredom, confusion, or even anxiety. Andy is different in this way, he actually loves talking about, reading about, and staying up to date on the latest regulations when it comes to compliance. As our new Compliance Director, this passion is well fit. On his first […]

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MountainSeed Donates 20% of Evaluation Proceeds in Texas and Louisiana to the Red Cross

Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to our friends, family, and clients who have been affected by the tragic damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.  As we watched the storm continue to wreak havoc in Texas and Louisiana, our team decided we had to do something to help.   How can you help? To assist […]

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How to Improve Business Results at Your Financial Institution

How to Improve Business Results

All business and financial leaders, regardless of industry, are trying to figure out their business roadmap and how to reach success. We all want results, but we often forget that it’s not necessary to tackle everything on our own to hit our operational targets and sales goals. If you try to take it all on, […]

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How do you hire great people & develop core values?

Hiring based on core values

Hiring great people that fit the organization and exemplify your core values is one tough code to crack. In the past, we almost always hired on skill, background, work history, or even went to the blast from the past, rolodex (we don’t recommend this option). Over time, we started to notice we needed to hire […]

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Create a Vision for Your Team Through Leadership

how to create a vision for a business

What’s the point of a vision for a business and why should we create it in the first place? So often we hear these questions and the reason to create a vision for a business is without it, it’s extremely difficult to hire great people, retain those all-stars, and hit the goals you’re working towards. […]

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3 Keys to Building a World Class Team

Build a better banking business and create a world class team

Every day you’re working in and on your real estate or banking business. One thing we all have in common is without people none of us can succeed. It’s time to take a step back and see exactly how to build or improve the vital team that makes it all happen and keeps your engine […]

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