commercial lenders webinar

Financial institutions are continually facing the same question: How can lenders attract better commercial borrowers? Studies show that several factors play a role in driving referral and repeat business, but one of the most important determinants is based on past experience with a lender; if a lender has at least one loan, they’ll be significantly […]

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The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 And How It’s Affecting You [Webinar]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

As the single most significant overhaul of the United States tax code in the last three decades, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is not only hotly debated, but includes provisions for the tax code, treasury regulations, IRS forms, instructions, federal court decisions, and more that affect all aspects of the current American […]

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Appraisal Compliance: What You Need To Know [Upcoming Webinar Series]

Appraisal Compliance Webinars

Appraisal compliance — it’s been the buzzword for the last decade. With banks required to manage more and more requirements on the same budgets, with the same teams, it’s never been more crucial for financial institutions to establish a process that works correctly from the get-go. But before you can establish a foolproof process, there […]

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Inside the Value of Machines and Equipment [Webinar Recording]

Business Appraisals

We all know that estimating market value for commercial and residential real estate can be quite complex—but what about machinery and equipment valuation? If you’re in the market for a large piece of equipment or machinery, it’s paramount that you work with an equipment appraiser in your niche industry who really understands what you do […]

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Industry Best Practices for Environmental Due Diligence [Webinar Recording]

Environmental Due Diligence

Ever wonder if you’ve created the most effective environmental policy for your financial institution? Furthermore, how do you execute that policy to ensure you’re not taking on too much risk? Great questions! That’s why we’ve called in the experts to show you how to create a sustainable policy and procedures you can put into practice […]

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Appraisals & Flood Insurance | A Continued Challenge for Financial Institutions [Webinar Recording]

flood insurance webinar

Have you ever found your financial institution falling short on flood insurance coverage? With our latest webinar, you’ll hear from the experts on how to calculate and factor your appraisal figures into the flood insurance calculation process.Tune in below to hear from Sterling Compliance’s Managing Partner, Angela Lucas. Previously an examiner, Angela understands the three statutes […]

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Staying Current on Environmental Reports [Webinar Recording]

environmental reports webinar

Do you know when to order an environmental report and perform environmental due diligence? Staying current by tuning in to our latest webinar below. You’ll hear from the environmental experts, Holly Neber and Bryan Hogan of AEI Consultants. They’ll share the best practices, red flags to avoid, and current trends on when you need to order an […]

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The Future of Commercial Loan Process Efficiency [Webinar Recording]

commercial loan process

In a world not so far away, you could have a commercial loan process that’s fully digital, works with your customers for an improved workflow, and allows you to spot and minimize risk to be even more efficient. Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be.You’ll hear from the loan process pros, Bryce Lugar […]

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Strategies for Collateral Management [Recording below]

collateral management

Searching for new strategies for collateral management at your financial institution? It can be tricky — that’s why we’re bringing in risk management industry expert, Rob McDonough of Angel Oak Consulting Group. He’ll share top tips for collateral management and risk management, as well as boil down non-qualified mortgages to a level we all can […]

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The Reality of Residential Evaluations [Recording Below]

residential evaluations

When do you need an evaluation or an appraisal completed for a residential property? Most of the time your bank or credit union will have established policies in place that dictate when you should use an evaluation or an appraisal. For our webinars, we’ve continually brought in experts to share their top insights on pressing […]

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