nCino’s Cloud-Based Tech Is Revolutionizing Banking As We Know It

nCino | Leader in Cloud Based Technology

When people talk about advancements in banking, they aren’t often talking about the monumental shifts that define industries. In this case, because of nCino, that’s exactly what we’re describing: A complete and total transformation. “We often say that customers care about two things: “Am I approved?” and “When do I get my money?” says Jonathan […]

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Why Routine Isn’t Boring with David Berry of NASB Bank


The word “routine” can sometimes imply, for lack of a better word, boring activities. There’s your morning routine, a routine dental procedure, and a routine engine check – among other routine things. You might find that people associate routines with habitual patterns that become almost like muscle memory; a routine that has become so regular […]

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The 411 on the ECOA


While the Equal Credit Opportunities Act and the compliance guidelines associated with them aren’t exactly new rules (they were implemented in 2013), we have a feeling navigating them is a little tricky. Let’s start with a short history lesson: ECOA was originally implemented in 1974 to prohibit creditors from discriminating due to race, religion, ethnicity, […]

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How Accessibility Changed the Appraisal Game for Christina Pocrnich of City National Bank

City National Bank

Christina Pocrnich of City National Bank wears a lot of hats. As the point of contact for all CRE loans for over 25 lenders and 86 branches across 5 states, Christina has many responsibilities. In addition to being a point person, Christina also holds the titles of VP, Appraisal Manager, and Credit Policy Officer. “I […]

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How to Terminate a Relationship with a Property Appraiser, the Right Way

property appraiser

There’s a reason why sayings like “there’s no such thing as the right time” exist, and that’s because they’re true. While there really isn’t a good time to terminate a relationship with a property appraiser.  It is even more difficult to report them to the appropriate state agency. We get it; it’s tough, especially when […]

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Why Large Quantities and Unusual Appraisals don’t Scare Glynis Chapman of First National Bank of America

Why Large Quantities and Unusual Appraisals don’t Scare Glynis Chapman of First National Bank of America

One of the characteristics of being a top appraisal management company is being able to service all banks and credit unions, big or small. When we thought of reaching out to speak with a local bank about their experience of selecting an AMC, we looked no further than First National Bank of America. Based in […]

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Exploring CRE Lending as a Credit Union with Ben Rutledge of GESA Federal Credit Union

GESA Federal Credit Union

As credit unions become more involved in commercial lending, we knew we had to speak with Ben Rutledge, VP of Commercial Services at GESA Federal Credit Union to see how he started their CRE program. Over the past nine years, he’s grown the department to 23 employees who manage roughly $300 million dollars in commercial […]

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Meeting regulations & exceeding appraisal standards with Chip Hines of Citizens National Bank

Citizens National Bank

Citizens National Bank (CNB) is a $1.4 Billion dollar bank located in Mississippi with 26 branches. They manage a 900 million dollar loan portfolio. CNB is a community bank that specializes in all types of lending. After 130 years of family ownership, they know the Mississippi market inside and out. “The power of local” is […]

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Western States Bank Makes Appraisal Quality a Top Priority

Western States Bank

In June of 2016, Western States Bank was formed through the merger of Valley Bank & Trust and Wyoming State Bank. With the philosophy of “better together,” they are now located across Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado with 14 different branch locations.As the merger was solidified, the team appointed Stephanie Kofron as VP/Credit Administration Officer. We […]

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Florida’s Largest Community Bank Works with MountainSeed to Tackle Appraisal Influx from Acquisitions

community bank acquisition

As you might already know CenterState Bank just recently announced that they will become Florida’s largest community banking company after two upcoming mergers. They are always looking to expand, but at their core, they truly are a community bank. Everything they do, from hiring new employees to merging with other banks, is through the lens […]

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