Diana Svedics

Commercial Appraisal Manager


Diana is the Commercial Review Team Lead  and oversees commercial review staff and contractors. She appraised a World Heritage Site. Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village at the University of Virginia, called the Pavilions. She also appraised numerous other historical sites, such as Carter’s Grove (Colonial Williamsburg), Castle Hill, East Belmont, Brandy Station Battlefield (Civil War Trust, very historic site – largest cavalry battle ever fought and Smithsonian wanted to save it because a ‘dry’ well was discovered. When she worked with the Trust and property owner, they didn’t know who used the ‘hidden’ room at the bottom of the well – slaves or soldiers. Historic sites were a specialty of hers.

She likes doing special use properties, such as a car racetrack, horse racetrack, classified government facilities (had an appraisal go in front of Congress, Senate and President signed off on), too many different types to list. Diana spent most of her career in Virginia, before moving to Sarasota, Florida. She enjoys motorcycle riding, renovating houses and gardening.