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Our risk-free process and straight contingency-based service can help lower operating costs on your commercial real estate assets.

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Introducing MountainSeed’s Commercial Property & Bank Branch Tax Appeal Business

Did you know that property taxes are not necessarily a fixed cost and are rarely assessed correctly? If it’s been some time since you last appealed your annual assessment, chances are you’re overpaying. Our in-house property tax consultants work on a straight contingency basis, which means there are zero upfront or fixed costs.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals

We’ll ensure that your property is being correctly assessed by gathering, analyzing, and valuing your property with our expert team. Our property tax consultants will file your appeal documents, make case preparations, and represent you before any informal or formal administrative panels or boards.



Bank Branch Property Tax Appeals

Our team is made up of ex-bankers and experienced valuation staff, which helps us appropriately position your case and lower your operating costs. Our process has no upfront or fixed costs, so we’ll only get paid if — and when — we save you money.



Experience That Matters

Throughout the years, MountainSeed has worked with over 600 financial institutions in addition to thousands of real estate owners. Our operational team has extensive experience in property tax appeal scenarios and is lead by two individuals who have over fifty years of combined experience working with large metropolitan area tax assessment divisions.



Meet the Property Tax Team

Jane Mardis

Appraisal Operations Director

Mary Bonnell

Property Tax Specialist

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