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Your role at MountainSeed is more than just a job — it’s an opportunity for growth and success.

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We believe that work doesn’t necessarily have to be work. At MountainSeed, you’ll join some of the country’s most talented people at a company that has been named the best appraisal management firm to work for.

Our Core Values

If relationships are the backbone of MountainSeed, then serving others is the heart behind our business. We serve our clients by exceeding their needs for both compliance and lending professionals. Our greatest partnerships have been with community banks and credit unions that boast strong credible cultures like our own.

Be a Self-Starter

Have a problem? Solve it. We believe in taking responsibility and action, that way we’re continually improving, providing a timely finish, and exceeding expectations.

Be a Team Player

Our message is simple: Pitch in, serve with intention, and celebrate each other’s success. It’s not just the secret to better business. It’s also the secret to a better life.

Be a Patriot

Forget being an optimist or a pessimist — be a loyalist. After all, Rome wasn’t loved because it was great. It was great because it was loved. So always provide honest, reliable feedback and be passionate.

Do it Right

That means doing things with integrity, and maintaining consistent quality even when no one is watching. God is in the details!

Be Humble

You’re entitled to what you earn, but always add value first. We appreciate personal confidence, as well as someone who respects the workplace.

What Sets Our Team Apart

Reason why we’ve been named the best appraisal management firm to work for? It’s because when you work at MountainSeed, you’re not just a number on a seat. People are valued here, and we care deeply about everyone’s well-being.


60% of our appraisers have our industry’s highest designations, and each of our commercial appraisers has an average of 30 years experience in appraisals and finance. That’s how you know that when you’re part of our team, you’re with the best.


Going above and beyond expectations is our standard. Our ultimate goal is to add value to businesses and deliver quality service each and every time.


We get excited with every new client, employee, project, and venture because we truly care about what we do and the people we work with. If you’re inspired by growth and feel rewarded by success, this is the place for you.


We make great efforts to set people up for success and strive to create a community that balances both personal and professional goals. That’s really what makes us successful together.


We take great pleasure in serving our community. Over the past five years, we have provided job-skills training to women through our partnership with the Atlanta women’s shelter, City of Refuge.


Every single member of our team plays an important role in our success. We empower people to take ownership of their work, to overcome obstacles together as a team, and to learn and thrive in an open-door environment.


Life happens. That’s why our team is collaborative, agile, and adaptable so that we can handle unexpected challenges along the way together.


We truly believe in offering exceptional services while, at the same time, valuing our people, their families, and our community, because that’s the difference between a good work environment and a great one.

Taylor OrtegoBusiness Development Representative

I can sum up what it’s like to work at MountainSeed in one word: rewarding. I have been at the firm now for over three years, and I can honestly say I have grown tremendously in my role. Many companies preach that they care about their employees, but MountainSeed lives it to its core. Because of my role and my department, I see the direct fruits of my labor and the potential this company has is untapped, and I am excited to be a part of the ride.

Jaime GrayCustomer Operations Director

I love working at MountainSeed because I am well supported. With the company behind me, I feel like I can accomplish my biggest dreams. How do I know? MountainSeed has found ways to tap into potential I didn’t realize I have, and the leadership is hugely engaging. I feel the care and passion when it comes to their employees and creating an atmosphere others want to be a part of. This, in turn, is conveyed to our customers, which I love.

Tahira KhanHR Specialist

What I love about MountainSeed is its employee diversity and humility — it says a lot about the foundation and the potential for growth of the organization. With such dedicated and creative people across the board, combined with tremendous amounts of inspiration and intelligence, one can only expect BIG outcomes. Every day brings new challenges, which leads to the creation of meaningful processes and procedures. I am glad to be a part of an amazing TEAM!

Corvell SimpsonSales Development

The best way to describe MountainSeed is not to say it is the best place to work, but that it is the best place to reach opportunities. A company that lets you come as you are, seeks to grow with you, and simultaneously never lets you lose sight of what personally drives you, is incredible — and that’s MountainSeed in a nutshell. Our company allows us to identify and choose our path and move toward it through motivation and proven procedures. Kudos to MountainSeed!

Stephanie SlagleDirector of Business Operations

Many people say it, but I mean it: Working at MountainSeed does not feel like work. It’s a place where you can utilize your strengths to make a difference. I’ve had the pleasure of working here since 2012, and I have grown and evolved so much since. At MountainSeed, everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions, share ideas, and be heard. Plus, our leaders truly stand behind the company’s purpose and find ways to help their employees identify their strengths, operate in their ‘sweet spot,’ and thrive.

Job Openings

Commercial Appraiser Procurement - Head Office-Remote


MountainSeed is seeking a seasoned, commercial appraiser to fill a remote role in MountainSeed’s Procurement Department. The scope of work consists of providing technical advice on appraisal orders, managing the bidding process and reviewing.


  • Review front-end commercial appraisal orders submitted by bank clients and correspond with the bank as necessary to answer questions or resolve inconsistencies
  • Manage the process of scoping and bidding the assignment to qualified commercial appraisers
  • Respond to and resolve bid questions submitted by appraisers
  • Periodically review commercial appraisal reports when dedicated review staff is at capacity


  • At least ten (10) years of commercial real-estate appraisal experience working with or for regulated financial institutions
  • Certified General appraisal credential in good standing with one or more states
  • Demonstrated mastery of commercial valuation methods, techniques and forms
  • Deep knowledge of, and experience working within, USPAP and the myriad laws, rules, regulations and guidelines governing the commercial-valuation process at financial institutions, including the primary federal financial institution regulators’ regulations and guidelines, as well as state appraisal and appraisal-management-company statues and board rules
  • Well-developed “soft skills” with a strong desire to see others succeed and reach their maximum potential
  • Proactive client-service mentality and desire to anticipate client needs before they arise
  • Sharp written and verbal communication skills
  • Affinity for working in a fast-paced, open environment with continuous focus on self- and company-improvement
  • Technological literacy and mastery of navigating standard office software


  • Review appraisal orders in a timely manner
  • Technological literacy and mastery of navigating standard office software
  • Excellent written and Oral communication skills


  • Team Production Units – info obtained from Appraisal Management System (AMS)
  • On-time Rate Scores – info obtained from AMS
  • Quality Rating – based on pre-delivery review conducted by Team Leader
  • L10 participation

Sales Development Representative - Atlanta, GA


This is a full-time position for an experienced Sales Development Representative at MountainSeed’s office in Atlanta. The scope of work consists of prospecting new business through heavy telephone sales and setting up prospect meetings.


  • Cold call Bank’s Chief Credit Officers and Risk Officer prospects
  • Understand and work with SalesLoft and Salesforce CRM updating
  • Learn product offerings and articulate value proposition and prospect to win meetings
  • Customize email outreach to obtain meetings


  • Excellent information gathering and analytical skills
  • Needs to have an excellent record of sales numbers
  • Strong computer skills, including Outlook, Salesforce CRM
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including impeccable writing and grammar
  • Ability to work in a result-oriented environment and meeting daily goals
  • Must be comfortable with a rapidly changing workspace
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Experience with Banking or Real Estate a plus


  • Be able to make a certain number of calls per day
  • Technological literacy and mastery of navigating standard office software
  • Updating CRM information
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Appraisal Registration Specialist


The Appraisal Registration Coordinator prioritizes and addresses appraiser sourcing requests, logs applicable information into our database, gathers documents and organizes information to facilitate the processing of these orders. Professional communication skills are imperative. The Coordinator is equally responsible for handling all appraiser profile updates and escalated profile requests from clients, appraisal vendors and internal stakeholders. This individual plays a key role in the organization’s growth.



  • Review and complete/process the additions and removals of appraisers from the MountainSeed system and ensure timely and accurate completion
  • Coordinate daily appraisal department activities and tasks in conjunction with other departments within MountainSeed. Resolve identified issues with appropriate internal departments
  • Communicate with banks and appraisers in relation to their profile maintenance. Resolve identified issues
  • Maintain and update bank appraiser panels in relation to updated documents and third party Federal and State notifications
  • Maintain and report on state-specific appraiser registration requirements
  • Process all requests that come through the MountainSeed dedicated inbox, which is primarily interactions with appraisers and clients regarding appraiser profiles and panel maintenance
  • Additional responsibilities include answering phone calls and responding to voicemails pertinent to the department
  • Procure appraisal sources when needed for bank clients
  • Special Projects as assigned by manager


  • At least two (2) years of experience in the banking or real-estate appraisal industry
  • Attention to detail, strong written and verbal communication skills, and efficiency in responding to written messages through a computer system
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize
  • Technological literacy and mastery of navigating web browsers and basic office software such as Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Comfortable working in an open, team environment with continuous focus on self- and company-improvement


  • Respond to clients and appraisers as per SLA (service level agreement)
  • Assist all customers in defining their needs and requests
  • Deliver courteous and professional customer service with the goal of exceeding customer expectations


  • Emails are responded to daily
  • Voicemails are processed daily
  • Removals and Disciplinary actions are processed the same day if received by 3pm Eastern
  • Pending Appraiser Folder is processed daily if registration is submitted by 3pm
  • notifications are processed daily
  • TALCB residential registration is completed Monthly
  • Wyoming appraiser tracking, and registration is completed monthly
  • Montana appraiser tracking, and registration is completed monthly
  • Expired Appraiser notification is sent Monthly
  • The expired number of appraisers should update to reflect a 10% decrease from the prior months expired appraisers
  • Panel Management, including registration and new client onboarding, is processed daily


Attention to detail/Customer Orientation/ Information Gathering/Analytical Thinking/Teamwork/Problem Solving/Flexible


  • Health, Dental, Vision and Disability
  • 401K plan
  • 3 weeks PTO


MountainSeed helps hundreds of banks across the country order and review real-estate appraisals. MountainSeed was named one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta in 2012 and 2013 and one of the top 100 places to work in Atlanta.

MountainSeed works exclusively with community and regional banks. Our full-time staff of review appraisers includes former members of state appraisal boards, MAIs/SRAs, former bank Chief Appraisers, bank review appraisers, and other experienced, credentialed professionals.

MountainSeed does not pay panel appraisers, and we work with our bank clients’ existing panel of appraisers. We invoice our bank clients for the work we do separately, justifying our own fees for the value we add.


At MountainSeed, we maintain an unwavering focus on culture, rooted in shared values that are more than a poster on a wall.  Our core values define us as a company and we strongly believe that every employee adds value to the overall success. Our work culture is casual, fun and high-energy. Everyone shares a unified goal to cater to our clients and it shows in every conversation we have.


  • Be Self-starter *Problem? Solve it *Take Responsibility, take action * Finish it (and on time)
  • Team Player *Pitch in *Serve *Celebrate others’ success *Encourage
  • Be a patriot *Loyalty *Rome wasn’t loved because it was great…*Brutally honest *With passion
  • Do it right *With Integrity *Quality when no one’s watching *Be solid * Attention to detail
  • Be humble *You are entitled to what you earn *Add value first


  • Salary

We’re always recruiting for the best team possible. Submit your resume here if there isn’t an open position right for you.