Unlock Your Bank’s Hidden Capital

Maximize Your Bank’s Assets
with a Sales-Leaseback Strategy

Discover how a sale-leaseback strategy can unlock the hidden potential of your real estate assets. Convert depreciated properties into significant financial gains and use these funds to boost capital, pay down loans, or offset losses.

A Decade of Trust and Expertise

For the past 10 years, MountainSeed has served
more than 10% of the banks and credit unions in America.

Transform Your Real Estate Assets
with Sale-Leaseback Strategies

Unlock Appreciated Value

Convert your property’s appreciated value into liquid assets turning dormant real estate into active capital, ready for immediate use.

Improve Capital Ratios

By converting fixed assets into cash, you can significantly improve your capital ratios enhancing your financial standing.

Increase Financial Flexibility

Access undiluted capital for strategic investments or debt reduction to allocate resources where they’re needed most.

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Together We Climb

We recognized that there is a better way to approach commercial real estate and lending, and out of that, MountainSeed was born.

  • Zero Budget impact. We guarantee that your Financial Institution will never lose a loan based upon our fee.
  • Offering a one-stop Marketplace for lenders from collateral to due diligence in one platform.
  • The most accurate, relevant, current data for commercial real estate lenders.