Unlock Your Bank’s Hidden Capital

Maximize Your Bank’s Assets
with a Sale-leaseback Strategy

Discover how a Sale=-easeback strategy can unlock the hidden potential of your real estate assets. Convert depreciated properties into significant financial gains and use these funds to boost capital, pay down loans, or offset losses.

Transform Your Real Estate Assets
with Sale-leaseback Strategies

Unlock Appreciated Value

Convert your property’s appreciated value into liquid assets turning dormant real estate into active capital, ready for immediate use.

Improve Capital Ratios

By converting fixed assets into cash, you can significantly improve your capital ratios enhancing your financial standing.

Increase Financial Flexibility

Access undiluted capital for strategic investments or debt reduction to allocate resources where they’re needed most.

A Decade of Trust and Expertise

For the past 10 years, MountainSeed has served
more than 10% of the banks and credit unions in America.

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Sale-leaseback Process

Transform Your Property Into Capital for Growth and Stability

MountainSeed’s Sale-leaseback Program presents a strategic opportunity for businesses seeking financial agility and asset optimization. This 90-day process not only offers a swift path to liquidity but also customizes transaction terms to align with your long-term financial goals and operational needs. Partnering with MountainSeed means navigating this complex transaction with ease, guided by expertise and a commitment to maximizing your property’s value and your business’s potential.

Step 1

Introduction Call
  • Objective: Introduce Sale Leaseback Program
  • Key Activities:
    • Introduction to MountainSeed’s team and process
    • Overview of the sale leaseback process and benefits.
    • Initial assessment of the client’s property and financial goals.
  • Deliverables: Meeting summary and set up next meeting to go over LOI with Patrick Roberts at MountainSeed set up next meeting to review LOI

Step 2

Branch Analysis
  • Objective: In-depth evaluation of the client’s property portfolio.
  • Key Activities:
    • Collection of property data (location, size, book value).
    • Market analysis and valuation of each branch.
  • Deliverables: LOI outlining price and terms of the potential transaction

Step 3

Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Objective: Formalize intent to proceed with the sale leaseback transaction.
  • Key Activities:
    • Present LOI based on agreed terms from the branch analysis.
    • Review and negotiation of LOI terms between MountainSeed and the client.
  • Deliverables: Signed LOI, outlining key terms such as sale price, lease terms, and conditions.
  • Next Steps: Determine steps to move forward (ie. internal bank approval, schedule and expectations on closing timeframe)

Step 4

Due Diligence
  • Objective: Thorough examination of all aspects of the proposed transaction.
  • Key Activities:
    • Legal and financial due diligence to verify property titles, leases, and Survey, counterparty financial review
    • Physical inspection of properties to assess condition
    • Finalization of Purcahse and sale agreement, lease agreements and transaction details.
  • Deliverables: Purchase agreement, Master Lease

Step 5

  • Objective: Completion of the sale leaseback transaction.
  • Key Activities:
    • Preparation of closing documents and final transaction details.
    • Coordination of closing meeting with all parties involved.
    • Execution of sale and leaseback agreements.
    • Transfer of funds and property titles.
    • Public announcement
  • Deliverables: Closed transaction, transferred property ownership, and initiated leaseback agreement.

Helping Banks Across the U.S


Unlocking Potential For Our Customers

The Citizens Bank of Philadelphia

“Through the sale-leaseback with MountainSeed, the Bank has monetized non-earning assets, enhancing balance sheet flexibility and positioning the Bank to better execute on our long-term, strategic plan. We value MountainSeed’s partnership and look forward to exploring further strategic opportunities in the future.”

Phillip Branch

Chief Financial Officer, at The Citizens Bank

Plumas Bank

“For our communities, this transaction commits us to serving them for the long term — 15 years with an option for 15 more. MountainSeed’s expertise helped to facilitate a powerful sales-leaseback transaction which supports our long-term objectives.”

Andrew J. Ryback

Director, President and CEO of Plumas Bank and Plumas Bancorp.

The Peoples Bank

“The expected increase in capital from our sale-leaseback transaction and a moderating interest rate environment increase optionality as we work to improve our earnings profile…”

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