MountainSeed is the result of a long-time business partnership and friendship between David Green and Carl Streck. Before starting MountainSeed, David and Carl owned, developed and managed real estate. Their first client was a community bank needing help with their appraisal process. Out of that challenge, MountainSeed was born.

In the beginning, there were two separate entities - Mountainseed Advisors and MountainSeed Appraisals. The third member of MountainSeed’s leadership trio started when David and Carl asked for help from a lawyer, Nathan Brown, to organize the companies and guide them through compliance hurdles.

Today Carl and David are grateful to have a company that has been recognized as the best appraisal management company to work for and one of the top appraisal management companies overall. MountainSeed is dedicated to valuing its people, their families and their community.

“MountainSeed has always been great to work with. Also, when a quick response is needed, they work hard to respond accordingly.”

$3 Billion Mid-West Bank

“Mountainseed is responsive to our requests and provides great customer service. We are especially impressed with Terry Bowditch, Chief Appraiser, as he provides strong technical support through his vast knowledge and experience.”

$1 Billion Mid-Atlantic Community Bank

“MountainSeed continues to provide great feedback and quality work (to our bank).”

$1 Billion East Coast Bank

“We were able to eliminate a full-time reviewer position with the use of MountainSeed, with improved review delivery times and no reduction in review quality per our regulatory exam.”

$5 Billion West Coast Bank



  • David Green, CPA Co-Founder
  • Carl Streck Co-Founder/CEO
  • Nathan Brown President
  • Stephanie Slagle Operations
  • Rob McPherson MAI, CCIM Chief Appraiser
  • Terry Bowditch Compliance

Senior Appraisal Team

  • Rob McPherson MAI, CCIM Chief Appraiser
  • Jane Mardis Commercial Appraisal Manager
  • Bill Lane Residential Appraisal Manager
  • David Phillips MAI, SRA Team Leader
  • Patrick Warren MAI Procurement Manager
  • David Vogel MAI,SRA,CPM,CCIM Senior Review Appraiser
  • Dave Markus MAI Review Appraiser
  • Tracy Grote MAI, CCIM Review Appraiser
  • Chad Murray MAI, SRA Review Appraiser
  • Kathy Edmundson MAI, AI-GRS Review Appraiser
  • Marty Cleckler MAI Review Appraiser
  • Tyler Jourdonnais Review Appraiser
  • Bill Geary Review Appraiser
  • Madlon Jenkins Review Appraiser
  • Andrea Holden Review Appraiser
  • Caitlyn McKenzie Commercial Procurement Specialist
  • David Edwards ASA Review Appraiser
  • Laura Herrington Review Appraiser
  • Lynn Foster Review Appraiser
  • Jenny Benson Review Appraiser
  • Jayme Smith Review Appraiser
  • Bill Stafford Review Appraiser
  • Dan Nestor Review Appraiser


  • 30

    Each of our commercial appraisers has on average 30 years of experience in appraisals and banking. We hire experienced professionals who you can trust.

  • 65%
    Commercial Appraisals

    Over half of our business is commercial real estate appraisals. Most other companies claim they are commercial but nearly 100% of their business is residential.

  • 60%
    Hold Top Designations

    Approximately 60% of our team of appraisers have received our industry's highest designations, which verifies our employees are intelligent and have a high regard for ethics.

  • 300+

    We offer credible, secure reviews that over 300 banks use every day. Our long-standing relationships are a testament of our dedication to client success.

  • 2,800+

    Over 2,800 bankers currently use our system to oversee their appraisal management process. Our appraisal panel provides an instant snapshot of all progress.