A Fresh Approach
to Commercial Real
Estate Services

We recognized that there is a better way to approach commercial real estate and lending, and out of that, MountainSeed was born.

commercial real estate services
commercial real estate

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide opportunities that help people thrive using their God-given abilities.

Our Approach

As our client, we ultimately want your business to succeed. To help you grow, we work with you to build a partnership you can trust and depend on. By choosing MountainSeed, you choose peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on growing your business.

Our Core Values

If relationships are the backbone of MountainSeed, then serving others is the heart behind our business. Our greatest partnerships have been with community banks and credit unions that boast strong credible cultures like our own.

Be a Self-Starter

  • Problem? Solve it.
  • Take responsibility, take action
  • Finish it (and on time)
  • Constantly search out opportunities to improve

Be a Team Player

  • Pitch in
  • Serve
  • Celebrate others’ success
  • Encourage

Don’t be an optimist or a pessimist. Be a Patriot

  • Loyalty
  • Rome wasn’t loved because it was great. It was great because it was loved.
  • Brutally honest
  • With passion

Do it Right

  • With integrity
  • Quality when no one’s watching
  • Be solid
  • Attention to detail

Be Humble

  • You are entitled to what you earn.
  • Add value first.

Meet the MountainSeed Family

Carl Streck

Co-Founder & CEO

Nathan Brown


Patrick Roberts

Chief Revenue Officer

Jane Mardis

VP of Operations

Susan Wall CPA

VP of Finance