8 Essential Parts of Real Estate Evaluations

real estate evaluations

Real estate evaluations are an integral piece of the appraisals puzzle, but often cause the most confusion for our clients. How does an evaluation differ from an appraisal? What are the major components of an evaluation? The truth is, evaluations are a part of the daily grind in our industry. Now more than ever, we’re […]

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Staying Current on Environmental Reports [December Webinar]

environmental reports webinar

Do you know when to order an environmental report and perform environmental due diligence? Make sure you are staying current by tuning in to our upcoming webinar. On December 6th at 2pm ET you’ll hear from the environmental experts, Holly Neber and Bryan Hogan of AEI Consultants. They’ll share the best practices, red flags to avoid, and […]

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3 Tips for Developing Your Approved Appraiser List

how to develop your appraiser panel

Developing your approved appraiser panel can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. As one of the top appraisal management companies, we can provide appraisers based on criteria ranging from market area to expertise, but we know that not everyone is quite ready to take the appraisal management company plunge. That’s […]

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Western States Bank Makes Appraisal Quality a Top Priority

Western States Bank

In June of 2016, Western States Bank was formed through the merger of Valley Bank & Trust and Wyoming State Bank. With the philosophy of “better together,” they are now located across Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado with 14 different branch locations.As the merger was solidified, the team appointed Stephanie Kofron as VP/Credit Administration Officer. We […]

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Meet Andy Reisser, Our Compliance Director

Meet our new compliance director

Many hear the term ‘regulations’ and their initial reaction is boredom, confusion, or even anxiety. Andy is different in this way, he actually loves talking about, reading about, and staying up to date on the latest regulations when it comes to compliance. As our new Compliance Director, this passion is well fit. On his first […]

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Do you feel like your appraisal process could be better?

loan appraisal process

Are there ways that you can streamline your loan appraisal process to be more efficient? Does the necessary paperwork make you cringe? If you answered yes to either of the previous questions, you’re in luck. Today we’re discussing how to turn your appraisal process into a well-oiled residential and commercial appraisal processing machine.Spot when your […]

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To What Extent Do You Need to Follow USPAP?

USPAP regulations

Have you caught yourself scratching your head over regulatory compliance and specifically, USPAP guidelines? If you have, you’re probably not alone. We repeatedly hear our lenders agonizing over the realities of USPAP and whether or not they really need to follow those guidelines. In short, the answer is yes, you do. However, like all tales, […]

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Florida’s Largest Community Bank Works with MountainSeed to Tackle Appraisal Influx from Acquisitions

community bank acquisition

As you might already know CenterState Bank just recently announced that they will become Florida’s largest community banking company after two upcoming mergers. They are always looking to expand, but at their core, they truly are a community bank. Everything they do, from hiring new employees to merging with other banks, is through the lens […]

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How effective is your appraisal ordering and review process?

appraisal review process

Famed business management consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” While Drucker is onto something, as most business leaders will tell you, drilling down to efficiency and effectiveness can be easier said than done. However, with careful self-evaluation, you can determine the effectiveness your […]

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