What is the Difference Between Restricted Use, Summary, and Self Contained Appraisal Reports?

Self-Contained Appraisal Report

Part of our mission is to walk beside you as you delve into the world of commercial appraisals, and we take our role seriously. As you know by now, there’s an endless list of appraisal terminology, both for commercial appraisals and for residential appraisals. However, one of the most frequently asked questions we get from […]

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Sign #3: You have no idea if you’re up to date on the latest banking regulations

Banking Regulations

Are you current on the latest banking regulations? We know it can be a pain to keep track of and a huge headache for your team since it means updating your internal policies and procedures to remain compliant. Are these changes overworking your team and stretching them too thin? Over the past week, we’ve been […]

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Sign #2: Your turn times are sporadic

appraisal report turn times

Starting last week, we kick off our month-long series sharing the top reasons why your appraisal team is stretched too thin (and what you can do about it). In case you missed it, we already highlighted the first sign where they might be falling behind due to inadequate appraiser licenses. This week we’ll discuss how […]

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How do you hire great people & develop core values?

Hiring based on core values

Hiring great people that fit the organization and exemplify your core values is one tough code to crack. In the past, we almost always hired on skill, background, work history, or even went to the blast from the past, rolodex (we don’t recommend this option). Over time, we started to notice we needed to hire […]

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