Appraisal Compliance: What You Need To Know [Upcoming Webinar Series]

Appraisal Compliance Webinars

Appraisal compliance — it’s been the buzzword for the last decade. With banks required to manage more and more requirements on the same budgets, with the same teams, it’s never been more crucial for financial institutions to establish a process that works correctly from the get-go. But before you can establish a foolproof process, there […]

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When should you order an environmental assessment?

environmental assessment

One of the most essential parts of doing due diligence when purchasing property is having an environmental site assessment, or ESA, completed. An environmental assessment is the method of inquiry used to determine the environmental impact and challenges facing a property. Examples of this include everything from the property’s soil to contamination from nearby sites. […]

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Commercial Evaluations at new low price

MountainSeed now offers Commercial Evaluations

*This blog has been updated since its original publish date on February 16, 2017. Did you know we offer commercial evaluations? Over the past year, a lot has changed in the world of evaluations and appraisals, but our standard of quality hasn’t. Since the commercial appraisal threshold increased, there’s been a surge in orders for […]

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Q2 Financial Regulations Recap: Blockchain, ECOA, OCC Updates & More

Financial Regulations

There’s no doubt about: Summer is in full swing! From the constant stream of “out of office” replies to the sweltering temps outside — it’s clear we’re in the heat of things. As Q2 comes to a close, we’re highlighting the top industry stories, from the implementation of the new BSA regulations to how blockchain […]

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How Well Is Your Financial Institution Managing Risk in 2018?

financial risk management

We’re only halfway through 2018, but a lot has happened in Q1 and Q2, especially when it comes to compliance. From overtime lawsuits to AI tech creeping into financial institutions, there have been significant shifts in the financial industry since January 1 and we want to make sure your financial institution is prepared for what’s […]

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nCino’s Cloud-Based Tech Is Revolutionizing Banking As We Know It

nCino | Leader in Cloud Based Technology

When people talk about advancements in banking, they aren’t often talking about the monumental shifts that define industries. In this case, because of nCino, that’s exactly what we’re describing: A complete and total transformation. “We often say that customers care about two things: “Am I approved?” and “When do I get my money?” says Jonathan […]

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How is a 1004 appraisal report different from an FHA appraisal report?

fha appraisal

Whether it’s acronyms, numbers, or terms, there is a lot to keep straight when it comes to appraisals. As you know, different types of properties require different types of appraisals. However, what you might not know is that different types of loans might require different types of appraisals. Today, we’re tackling the 1004 appraisal form […]

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Why Routine Isn’t Boring with David Berry of NASB Bank


The word “routine” can sometimes imply, for lack of a better word, boring activities. There’s your morning routine, a routine dental procedure, and a routine engine check – among other routine things. You might find that people associate routines with habitual patterns that become almost like muscle memory; a routine that has become so regular […]

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Inside the Value of Machines and Equipment [Webinar Recording]

Business Appraisals

We all know that estimating market value for commercial and residential real estate can be quite complex—but what about machinery and equipment valuation? If you’re in the market for a large piece of equipment or machinery, it’s paramount that you work with an equipment appraiser in your niche industry who really understands what you do […]

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