Order a Residential Evaluation Completed by the Appraisal Pros at MountainSeed

Get a Residential Evaluation Completed by the Pros

Are you frequently completing residential evaluations for eager homeowners? It’s key to produce quality work within a short turn time to get the deal closed even faster. Recently we released our commercial evaluations services to bring you even faster, consistent, and reliable CRE evals completed by the appraisal pros. Today we are thrilled to announce […]

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Tired of waiting? 3 Tips to Shorten Your Appraisal Turn Times

Shorten your home appraisal process

A booming housing market + an abundance of appraisals + a severe appraiser shortage = a recipe for potential disaster.  While our industry thrives on the housing market and its bustling outlook, the lack of experienced, licensed appraisers can cause serious headaches. Not only are you faced with slower turn times, but you’re also faced […]

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MountainSeed Beats Industry Average Turn Times in Pacific Northwest

residential real estate market in Pacific Northwest

It’s no secret that the appraisal industry is experiencing an appraiser shortage. Appraisers are aging and retiring, and with fewer young guns entering the profession the impact is far and wide. Since the height of the housing boom in 2007, the number of certified appraisers has declined by 28%. 23,000 fewer appraisers results in overworked […]

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Benchmark Your Bank and Beat the Competition [FREE REPORT]

How do you make sure your bank is staying competitive and thinking strategically about the services you provide? If you’ve found yourself on the hunt for key comparative financial data but are coming up short with commercial appraisal resources, you are not alone. We hear you and have compiled today’s Benchmark Report to help your […]

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3 Keys to Building a World Class Team

Build a better banking business and create a world class team

Every day you’re working in and on your real estate or banking business. One thing we all have in common is without people none of us can succeed. It’s time to take a step back and see exactly how to build or improve the vital team that makes it all happen and keeps your engine […]

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know this Year about Dodd-Frank Regulations

Dodd-Frank regulations you need to know about

Over the course of the past year, we’ve spent a good bit of time navigating Dodd-Frank with you. Whether by understanding its future or discussing its impact, Dodd-Frank regulations have never been too far from our thoughts — but why? What is Dodd-Frank? Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Act were passed in 2010 as federal […]

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