The 411 on the ECOA


While the Equal Credit Opportunities Act and the compliance guidelines associated with them aren’t exactly new rules (they were implemented in 2013), we have a feeling navigating them is a little tricky. Let’s start with a short history lesson: ECOA was originally implemented in 1974 to prohibit creditors from discriminating due to race, religion, ethnicity, […]

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Industry Best Practices for Environmental Due Diligence [Free Webinar]

Environmental Due Diligence

Ever wonder if you’ve created the most effective environmental policy for your financial institution? Furthermore, how do you execute that policy to ensure you’re not taking on too much risk? Great questions! That’s why we’ve called in the experts to show you how to create a sustainable policy and procedures you can put into practice […]

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How Accessibility Changed the Appraisal Game for Christina Pocrnich of City National Bank

City National Bank

Christina Pocrnich of City National Bank wears a lot of hats. As the point of contact for all CRE loans for over 25 lenders and 86 branches across 5 states, Christina has many responsibilities. In addition to being a point person, Christina also holds the titles of VP, Appraisal Manager, and Credit Policy Officer. “I […]

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Your OCC, Risk Management, and Financial News Q1 Recap

Financial news

The temperatures are rising, the pollen is back, and tax season is nearly here. Those three events can only mean one thing: Q1 is coming to a close! This quarter, we’re sharing the latest from the OCC, as well as what you need to know about the most recent financial news and changes in risk […]

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How to Terminate a Relationship with a Property Appraiser, the Right Way

property appraiser

There’s a reason why sayings like “there’s no such thing as the right time” exist, and that’s because they’re true. While there really isn’t a good time to terminate a relationship with a property appraiser.  It is even more difficult to report them to the appropriate state agency. We get it; it’s tough, especially when […]

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What’s an FNMA 2055 Appraisal?

FNMA 2055

In some cases, underwriting guidelines require appraisal reports that do not include an interior inspection. When that happens, appraisers typically complete an FNMA 2055. These appraisals are better known as an exterior-only appraisal, and referred to in the industry as “drive-by appraisals.” While an exterior only appraisal assignment doesn’t seem like it would be daunting, […]

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How’d your appraisals stack up against 2017 industry averages? [REPORT]

2017 Appraisal

2017 is all wrapped up, and now it’s time to make sure you are meeting the mark in 2018. Do you find yourself still asking critical questions like: “What was the average price of an appraisal in 2017?” or  “How long did an appraisal take to complete in 2017?” Now you’ll have the answers you […]

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Why Large Quantities and Unusual Appraisals don’t Scare Glynis Chapman of First National Bank of America

Why Large Quantities and Unusual Appraisals don’t Scare Glynis Chapman of First National Bank of America

One of the characteristics of being a top appraisal management company is being able to service all banks and credit unions, big or small. When we thought of reaching out to speak with a local bank about their experience of selecting an AMC, we looked no further than First National Bank of America. Based in […]

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What’s the difference between an appraisal update vs. a recertification of value?

recertification of value

It’s no secret that some real estate appraisal terminology can be a bit confusing. Between USPAP standards and ever-changing laws and regulations, you can sometimes be left scratching your head. As one of the top appraisal management companies, we like to make sure we’re answering all of your inquiries, no matter how tough or confusing […]

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Exploring CRE Lending as a Credit Union with Ben Rutledge of GESA Federal Credit Union

GESA Federal Credit Union

As credit unions become more involved in commercial lending, we knew we had to speak with Ben Rutledge, VP of Commercial Services at GESA Federal Credit Union to see how he started their CRE program. Over the past nine years, he’s grown the department to 23 employees who manage roughly $300 million dollars in commercial […]

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