commercial lenders webinar

Financial institutions are continually facing the same question: How can lenders attract better commercial borrowers? Studies show that several factors play a role in driving referral and repeat business, but one of the most important determinants is based on past experience with a lender; if a lender has at least one loan, they’ll be significantly […]

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JPM bitcoin

Three takeaways: JPMorgan Chase has launched its own cryptocurrency, JPM coin. They are the first U.S. based Bank to successfully create and test a digital coin that can be used as a cryptocurrency. 157 banks are expected to accept the bank-backed cryptocurrency. JPMorgan Chase is committed to involving regulators in JMP bitcoin design and decisions. […]

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BB&T acquisition

Estimated read time: 4 minutes.  3 TAKEAWAYS YOU NEED TO KNOW BB&T and Suntrust will combine to be the 6th largest bank in the U.S., with interests in continue expansion to high-growth markets. The synergies gained from the merger will allow the new bank to leverage complimentary fee-generating businesses.  Expanding BB&T’s insurance platform and SunTrust’s […]

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5 FAQs for Appraisal Updates or Reappraisals


When we repeatedly hear the same questions, we know it’s time to sift through the noise and offer some much-needed answers. Recently, we realized we were encountering a great deal of confusion about appraisal updates and reappraisals. Today we’re clearing the air on these terms to provide you with everything you need to know about […]

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Amazon’s HQ2 Announcement shares valuable insights on the future of CRE

Amazon HQ2

If there was one major, newsworthy real estate story of 2018, it was Amazon’s HQ2 announcement. Audiences were on the hook for months following every move and every meeting. Of course, being an Atlanta-based CRE appraisal management company, we were especially tuned-in at MountainSeed. Until Amazon’s December announcement, cities were abuzz with where the giant […]

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Due Diligence of Appraisals, Reviews, & Environmentals

financial due diligence

If you were to search for quotes about diligence, you’d find a mountain of inspiration. For example, of diligence, Abigail Adams once said, “Learning is not obtained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” Likewise, Benjamin Franklin said, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” William Penn had something to say […]

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9 Financial Technology Trends You Need To Know in 2019

2019 Financial Technology

Technology has been dramatically changing industries in every sector of the economy, and finance is no different. From the growing demands of mobile applications to the advancements of blockchain technology, 2019 financial technology trends are changing business processes as we know it. To stay ahead of 2019 financial technology trends, here’s what you need to […]

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The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 And How It’s Affecting You [Webinar]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

As the single most significant overhaul of the United States tax code in the last three decades, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is not only hotly debated, but includes provisions for the tax code, treasury regulations, IRS forms, instructions, federal court decisions, and more that affect all aspects of the current American […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to USPAP


If you’re a non-appraiser, you probably aren’t considering the USPAP. But this document of appraisal standards is incredibly influential on how you manage the appraisal and evaluations for your financial institution. To help you understand the basics you need to know to optimize your internal procedures, we’ve created a guide to outline the vital information […]

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16 Must-Attend Financial Conferences in 2019

2019 Financial Conferences

The best part about the financial industry? It’s always changing. With the new technology that comes out almost every day, the world of finance is constantly on the search for more efficiency, but it also means that everyone has to stay on their toes to keep up. The best way to do that? Conferences.There’s a […]

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