What’s the difference between an appraisal update vs. a recertification of value?

recertification of value

It’s no secret that some real estate appraisal terminology can be a bit confusing. Between USPAP standards and ever-changing laws and regulations, you can sometimes be left scratching your head. As one of the top appraisal management companies, we like to make sure we’re answering all of your inquiries, no matter how tough or confusing […]

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MountainSeed’s 2017 Company Benchmark Report

Company Benchmark Report

2017 was a big year and it was all because of you – our clients, partners, and community of supporters. Over the past year, we have seen amazing changes and we want to share the whole story of 2017 with you. So here is our own internal company benchmark report — our 2017 Year in […]

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Appraisals & Flood Insurance | A Continued Challenge for Financial Institutions [Webinar Recording]

flood insurance webinar

Have you ever found your financial institution falling short on flood insurance coverage? With our latest webinar, you’ll hear from the experts on how to calculate and factor your appraisal figures into the flood insurance calculation process.Tune in below to hear from Sterling Compliance’s Managing Partner, Angela Lucas. Previously an examiner, Angela understands the three statutes […]

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Keeping Independence Intact at Your Bank or Credit Union

appraisal independence

Appraisal independence is a huge part of regulatory compliance for banks and credit unions, and it’s one of the first things your regulator will look for during any review. If we drill down to a definition, independence means that a real estate appraiser must be left alone to develop their own valuation conclusions and opinions. […]

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Meeting regulations & exceeding appraisal standards with Chip Hines of Citizens National Bank

Citizens National Bank

Citizens National Bank (CNB) is a $1.4 Billion dollar bank located in Mississippi with 26 branches. They manage a 900 million dollar loan portfolio. CNB is a community bank that specializes in all types of lending. After 130 years of family ownership, they know the Mississippi market inside and out. “The power of local” is […]

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8 Essential Parts of Real Estate Evaluations

real estate evaluations

Real estate evaluations are an integral piece of the appraisals puzzle, but often cause the most confusion for our clients. How does an evaluation differ from an appraisal? What are the major components of an evaluation? The truth is, evaluations are a part of the daily grind in our industry. Now more than ever, we’re […]

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Staying Current on Environmental Reports [Webinar Recording]

environmental reports webinar

Do you know when to order an environmental report and perform environmental due diligence? Staying current by tuning in to our latest webinar below. You’ll hear from the environmental experts, Holly Neber and Bryan Hogan of AEI Consultants. They’ll share the best practices, red flags to avoid, and current trends on when you need to order an […]

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3 Tips for Developing Your Approved Appraiser List

how to develop your appraiser panel

Developing your approved appraiser panel can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. As one of the top appraisal management companies, we can provide appraisers based on criteria ranging from market area to expertise, but we know that not everyone is quite ready to take the appraisal management company plunge. That’s […]

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