5 Signs Your Property Appraisal Process is Outdated

Property Appraisal Process

If you find yourself frustrated over your property appraisal process, noticing a few too many inefficiencies, or feel buried under a mountain of paperwork, you might be dealing with an outdated appraisal process. We get it. The real estate appraisal process can be cumbersome. There’s a lot of red tape to sort through and changing […]

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What are appraisal review services and when are they needed?

appraisal review services

Over the years, the appraisal review has become an essential part of the appraisal process. While the review is important for many reasons, it’s paramount because it guarantees an appraisal is complete and sound. What is an appraisal review you might ask? By definition, an appraisal review is used to investigate, analyze, and verify the […]

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Ready To Hire an AMC? Get the Facts You Need to Make the Best Choice

Hiring an AMC

There are three scenarios when a financial institution is ready to hire an AMC: The team is energized at the prospect of handing off some of the internal appraisal management, nervous about the idea of opening the doors to a new entity, or the team is experiencing a little bit of both. We get it […]

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What property appraisal methods exist?

property appraisal methods

As you know, we’re dedicated to clarifying the appraisal process because we are firm believers in transparency as well as education. In fact, that’s exactly what our blog is for: to bring you the latest in appraisal news, regulations, and insight. Today we’re tackling property appraisal methods. You might not realize that the property appraisal […]

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How Dodd Frank is Impacting Community Banks

Dodd Frank

The Dodd Frank regulations created and adopted after the financial crisis of 2008 have finally started to roll back, thanks to the new reforms approved just this year. With the early feedback that the community banking sector will be most affected by the regulation changes, we talked with Roger Shumway, Executive Vice President & Chief […]

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Appraisal Compliance: What You Need To Know [Upcoming Webinar Series]

Appraisal Compliance Webinars

Appraisal compliance — it’s been the buzzword for the last decade. With banks required to manage more and more requirements on the same budgets, with the same teams, it’s never been more crucial for financial institutions to establish a process that works correctly from the get-go. But before you can establish a foolproof process, there […]

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When should you order an environmental assessment?

environmental assessment

One of the most essential parts of doing due diligence when purchasing property is having an environmental site assessment, or ESA, completed. An environmental assessment is the method of inquiry used to determine the environmental impact and challenges facing a property. Examples of this include everything from the property’s soil to contamination from nearby sites. […]

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Commercial Evaluations at new low price

MountainSeed now offers Commercial Evaluations

*This blog has been updated since its original publish date on February 16, 2017. Did you know we offer commercial evaluations? Over the past year, a lot has changed in the world of evaluations and appraisals, but our standard of quality hasn’t. Since the commercial appraisal threshold increased, there’s been a surge in orders for […]

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