How effective is your appraisal ordering and review process?

appraisal review process

Famed business management consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” While Drucker is onto something, as most business leaders will tell you, drilling down to efficiency and effectiveness can be easier said than done. However, with careful self-evaluation, you can determine the effectiveness your […]

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Strategies for Collateral Management [Recording below]

collateral management

Searching for new strategies for collateral management at your financial institution? It can be tricky — that’s why we’re bringing in risk management industry expert, Rob McDonough of Angel Oak Consulting Group. He’ll share top tips for collateral management and risk management, as well as boil down non-qualified mortgages to a level we all can […]

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Everything you need to know about Residential Real Estate Evaluations

residential real estate evaluations

We’ve discussed why you might order a residential evaluation in the past, but today we’re taking it a step further and covering the details beyond the basics. Let’s start with a review: When is a residential evaluation needed, and what do we mean when we refer to a real estate evaluation? According to the glossary […]

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MountainSeed Donates 20% of Evaluation Proceeds in Texas and Louisiana to the Red Cross

Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to our friends, family, and clients who have been affected by the tragic damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.  As we watched the storm continue to wreak havoc in Texas and Louisiana, our team decided we had to do something to help.   To assist with relief efforts, Mountainseed […]

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Congratulations to CenterState Bank on becoming Florida’s Largest Community Bank


It was just announced that our friends and clients at CenterState Bank are now the largest community bank in Florida. Through recent mergers with Harbor Community Bank and Sunshine Bank, CenterState will be Florida’s largest bank “by assets, market capitalization, deposit market share and branch footprint.” Currently, CenterState Bank has 78 offices located in 28 […]

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Are your CRE appraisal fees and turn times holding you back? [REPORT]

commercial real estate data

Get the actionable commercial real estate data you’ve been searching for in our latest Q2 2017 Benchmark Report. We know it’s a cinch to find data on residential appraisals, but sometimes CRE appraisal data is a completely different story. Plus, if you don’t know the industry averages, it’s tough to know where you stand within […]

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In the News: FDIC Proposes to Raise CRE Evaluation Limit

CRE Evaluation

The FDIC proposed to raise the threshold for ordering an evaluation from $250,000 to $400,000 on commercial real estate properties, yesterday July 19th. Many have been raising concerns about how long it takes and how costly it is to complete a real estate transaction, so the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and OCC issued a joint press release proposing […]

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