Why does your regulator want you to know the difference between leased fee and fee simple?

fee simple vs. leased fee

If the world of commercial appraisals had a dictionary of terms, we’re confident it would be pretty thick. We’ve covered some of the basic terminology in the past, but sometimes, it’s helpful to break down specific phrases even further, especially when regulatory compliance is involved. Today, we’re deep-diving into leased fee versus fee simple. Not […]

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Your Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis for the Top 5 Sectors

commercial real estate market

Experts agree that despite slowing down, the 2017 commercial real estate market is unwavering, and they are predicting a strong year ahead. Now that the first quarter is over, and we’re nearing the year’s halfway mark, we thought we’d break down today’s current trends in the top commercial real estate sectors. Whether we’re looking at […]

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Create a Vision for Your Team Through Leadership

how to create a vision for a business

What’s the point of a vision for a business and why should we create it in the first place? So often we hear these questions and the reason to create a vision for a business is without it, it’s extremely difficult to hire great people, retain those all-stars, and hit the goals you’re working towards. […]

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MountainSeed’s Chief Appraiser Talks Best Practices for Appraisal Reviews

Best Practices on Appraisal Reviews

Merriam-Webster defines “best practices” as procedures that have been shown by research and experience to produce optimal results and are proposed as standard. However, in the commercial appraisal industry research, regulations, and standards are constantly being updated, and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of those best practices. As an appraisal management company, we’re […]

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4 Quick Tips for Managing Your Appraiser Panel

Appraiser Panel Management

The million dollar question when it comes to appraisal management is should you have an appraisal panel internally or hire an AMC? Okay, so it might not be a million dollar question per se, but it’s a question worth considering. Without the right tools and resources, managing an appraiser panel can be complicated and tedious. […]

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Behind the Scenes with MidSouth Bank’s Greg Corrales, Commercial Credit Analyst

MidSouth Bank's Commercial Credit Analyst

In our latest customer spotlight, we had the opportunity to speak with Greg Corrales, Commercial Credit Analyst Sr II at MidSouth Bank. Greg oversees MidSouth Bank’s appraisal process as well as performs commercial underwriting and financial analysis for commercial credit requests. Let’s hear a little bit of his story:How did your career begin in the […]

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Order a Residential Evaluation Completed by the Appraisal Pros at MountainSeed

Get a Residential Evaluation Completed by the Pros

Are you frequently completing residential evaluations for eager homeowners? It’s key to produce quality work within a short turn time to get the deal closed even faster. Recently we released our commercial evaluations services to bring you even faster, consistent, and reliable CRE evals completed by the appraisal pros. Today we are thrilled to announce […]

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Tired of waiting? 3 Tips to Shorten Your Appraisal Turn Times

Shorten your home appraisal process

A booming housing market + an abundance of appraisals + a severe appraiser shortage = a recipe for potential disaster.  While our industry thrives on the housing market and its bustling outlook, the lack of experienced, licensed appraisers can cause serious headaches. Not only are you faced with slower turn times, but you’re also faced […]

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