Understanding Different Appraiser Licenses

Licensed Appraiser

When it comes to determining the market value of your residential or commercial property, bringing in a licensed appraiser is a given. But did you know there are many different types of appraiser licenses? Here’s what you need to know about the various levels of certification and what’s required to become professional real property appraiser. […]

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Why Appraisal Guidelines are Vital During a Real Estate Market Downturn

Appraisal Guidelines

Growing concern about an impending real estate market crash continues to loom over 2019, leaving buyers and sellers hesitant and unsure. While some experts say that the recent decline is temporary, others anticipate that the market will continue to slow down through the end of the year. While no one can foresee the future, one […]

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Getting a Second Opinion — Why, How, & When You Should Get a Second Appraisal

second appraisal

As parties to a mortgage transaction contingent upon an appraisal, borrowers, and lenders often struggle with a dilemma when they are unhappy with the results of appraisal: “Should I get a second opinion?” A quick internet search delivers thousands of results for advice and strategies on how to battle “low” appraisals, however few of them […]

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What property appraisal methods exist?

property appraisal methods

As you know, we’re dedicated to clarifying the appraisal process because we are firm believers in transparency as well as education. In fact, that’s exactly what our blog is for: to bring you the latest in appraisal news, regulations, and insight. Today we’re tackling property appraisal methods. You might not realize that the property appraisal […]

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The Reality of Residential Evaluations [Recording Below]

residential evaluations

When do you need an evaluation or an appraisal completed for a residential property? Most of the time your bank or credit union will have established policies in place that dictate when you should use an evaluation or an appraisal. For our webinars, we’ve continually brought in experts to share their top insights on pressing […]

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Tired of waiting? 3 Tips to Shorten Your Appraisal Turn Times

Shorten your home appraisal process

A booming housing market + an abundance of appraisals + a severe appraiser shortage = a recipe for potential disaster.  While our industry thrives on the housing market and its bustling outlook, the lack of experienced, licensed appraisers can cause serious headaches. Not only are you faced with slower turn times, but you’re also faced […]

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MountainSeed Beats Industry Average Turn Times in Pacific Northwest

residential real estate market in Pacific Northwest

It’s no secret that the appraisal industry is experiencing an appraiser shortage. Appraisers are aging and retiring, and with fewer young guns entering the profession the impact is far and wide. Since the height of the housing boom in 2007, the number of certified appraisers has declined by 28%. 23,000 fewer appraisers results in overworked […]

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Top 10 Trends in Real Estate Today: February 2017

Top 10 trending real estate news articles

At MountainSeed, we believe in staying a student, and that means being on top of the real estate and financial trends in our industry as they happen. However, in a world where working lunches sometimes take priority over casual headline perusing, we know scouring the web daily for the latest in real estate and banking […]

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Breaking News: What Happened to Transparent Appraisals?

home appraisal news

May 12th, 2016 — One local banker is blowing the whistle about overpriced homes in Forsyth County and decided to call in news reporter, Jim Strickland with WSBTV to investigate further. Many are concerned this looks similar to the foreclosure crisis that occurred eight years ago. Jim began asking if builders, bankers and lenders are […]

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