Top Real Estate & CRE Predictions for 2018

CRE predictions

2018 is here and with the dawn of the new year comes goals, aspirations, and predictions for the months to come.  Real estate predictions are generally some of the hottest topics across the web this time of year, and 2018 is no different. Today, we’ve rounded up some of the top news for 2018 real […]

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Are your CRE appraisal fees and turn times holding you back? [REPORT]

commercial real estate data

Get the actionable commercial real estate data you’ve been searching for in our latest Q2 2017 Benchmark Report. We know it’s a cinch to find data on residential appraisals, but sometimes CRE appraisal data is a completely different story. Plus, if you don’t know the industry averages, it’s tough to know where you stand within […]

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Are You Benchmarking Your Bank to See How You Stack Up Against Your Competitors? [FREE REPORT]

CRE appraised values in Q1 2017

When you don’t know how you compare to the industry averages, there’s no way to know how you are actually performing. We’ve heard from many in our industry that comparative data on residential appraisals are easy-peasy to find, but when it come to commercial real estate appraised values and fees, it’s another story. That’s why […]

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Your Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis for the Top 5 Sectors

commercial real estate market

Experts agree that despite slowing down, the 2017 commercial real estate market is unwavering, and they are predicting a strong year ahead. Now that the first quarter is over, and we’re nearing the year’s halfway mark, we thought we’d break down today’s current trends in the top commercial real estate sectors. Whether we’re looking at […]

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Webinar: Your 2017 Office Industry Outlook [Recording Below]

Your office sector outlook for 2017

With the new administration and slow growth we saw in 2016, it’s tough to predict where many commercial real estate trends are headed this year. To discuss, we’ve called in the experts at REIS to share their insights into the future of the office sector as well as specific growth trends we can expect this […]

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Benchmark Your Bank and Beat the Competition [FREE REPORT]

How do you make sure your bank is staying competitive and thinking strategically about the services you provide? If you’ve found yourself on the hunt for key comparative financial data but are coming up short with commercial appraisal resources, you are not alone. We hear you and have compiled today’s Benchmark Report to help your […]

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Webinar: U.S. Lodging Industry Forecast: What to expect for 2017 [Recording Below]

The hotel industry was one of the first sectors to bounce back from the ‘08 crisis. As a leader in the CRE world, it’s important to know where the hotel and lodging sector is headed as we dive further into 2017. With the new Trump administration and competition continuously growing, many bankers do not know […]

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Top 10 Trends in Real Estate Today: February 2017

Top 10 trending real estate news articles

At MountainSeed, we believe in staying a student, and that means being on top of the real estate and financial trends in our industry as they happen. However, in a world where working lunches sometimes take priority over casual headline perusing, we know scouring the web daily for the latest in real estate and banking […]

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Where is Commercial Real Estate headed in 2017?

Trends for Commercial Real Estate Loans in 2017

The dawn of another turn around the sun ushers in predictions for where the Commercial Real Estate market is headed in 2017. With the new year comes goals, insights, and of course, changes. We’ve compiled a few resources that showcase commercial news for 2017, so you don’t have to.  As you reflect on 2016 and […]

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Are You a Top Competitor in the Appraisal Industry? [FREE REPORT]

average commercial real estate appraiser fees and turn times

How does your lending institution stay ahead of the competition in the appraisal marketplace?  At MountainSeed, we want all our clients to know how their bank or credit union compares to the industry average appraisal fees and turn times. We’ve all seen the countless resources for residential data, but key metrics on commercial appraisals often […]

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