A Scalable, More Effective
Appraisal Process

We offer our clients an outsourced solution that efficiently streamlines their process and helps their businesses grow.

commercial appraisal
residential appraisal

An Innovative
to Appraisal
Management & Review

We aren’t like other appraisal management companies out there — and that’s a good thing. At MountainSeed, we offer a solution no matter the size of your company.

Here’s How it Works

We’re the largest commercial appraisal management company in the nation and have experience in all types of appraisals. We have clients lending in all 50 states and are backed by a full time appraisal review staff, who on average, have 30 years of experience.

1. Sign Up

We’ll make suggestions around your current process and share best practices that will enable efficiencies. Signing up is simple as there is no long term contract.

2. Register

Send us your internal users and current appraisal panel. If needed, we can make additional appraiser recommendations for individuals that have historically produced high quality reports.

3. Order

Securely and efficiently place a commercial or residential appraisal order, appraisal review, evaluation, or environmental.

4. Bid/Assign

We competitively bid out commercial appraisals and assign residential appraisals, evaluations and environmental orders.

5. Track

Login at any time to view the progress of your order or to communicate with a MountainSeed representative.

6. Review

Our full time staff of licensed or certified appraisers complete thorough reviews for each report.

7. Reporting

With state of the art reporting, we can produce metrics that help you better understand appraiser performance and property level information.

8. Account Management

A dedicated account manager will get to know your institution and makes sure to ensure a successful customer experience.

The MountainSeed

We guarantee that your Financial Institution will never lose a loan based upon our fee. If the fee for MountainSeed’s service prohibits you from winning business from your customer, we will adjust our service fee to help you remain competitive, even if we have to waive the entire fee.

Commercial Appraisals

After a decade in this industry, we understand the turn time data and the importance of having staff with commercial appraisal experience. We’re trusted by over 600 banks and credit unions across the U.S. because we provide a fluid experience you can count on.



Residential Appraisals

We are no strangers to the residential appraisal market, thanks to our comprehensive experience working with a variety of residential property types nationwide. With MountainSeed, you will have a partner you can trust to get your residential appraisal done correctly and on time.



National Coverage

We provide nationwide coverage having processed appraisals in every state in the country. With a full-time staff of appraisal reviewers located in every region, we combine the expertise of dedicated, local reviewers along with the power of national coverage for a seamless experience that delivers the best of both worlds.



Meet the Appraisal Management Team

Jaime Gray

Head of Account Management

Diana Svedics

Commercial Appraisal Manager

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